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All around construction sites

  • Construction vehicles
  • Earth-moving machines
  • Road construction and
  • maintenance equipment
  • Pipe & cable laying equipment & tools
  • Liing appliances and
  • conveyors
  • Construction equipment,tools and special systems
  • Handling and processing
  • concrete and mortar at
  • construction sites
  • Formwork and scaoldings
  • Site installations

Production of building materials

  • Manufacture of cement, lime and gypsum compounds for building materials
  • Machines and systems for producing concrete, concrete products and pre-fabricated components
  • Machines and plants for producing asphalt
  • Machines and plants for producing pre-mixed dry mortar, plaster, screed and building supply store products
  • Machines and plants for producing lime sandstone and building products using power plant residue (fly ash, slag)
  • Building material handling and packaging plant

Mining, extraction and processing of raw materials

  • Machines for extraction of raw
  • Materials and for mining
  • Handling of raw materials maintenance equipment
  • Mineral processing (incl. coke oven equipment)

Component and service suppliers

  • Transmission engineering, fluid technology and power generation units
  • Accessories and wear parts
  • Services
  • Test, measurement and process control engineering
  • Communication and navigation
  • Job safety